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To the fullest extent permitted pursuant to applicable law, as part of the consideration for being allowed to use the Coyote Creek Golf Club, I hereby agree to the following:
  • I assume all risk and danger incidental to the game of golf and all other activities, promotions or events associated with Coyote Creek Golf Club (“Golf Course”), including, but not limited to the risk of any loss of life, damage or injury to person(s), property or business, economic harm or other loss occurring in or from the Golf Course,  before, during and after my participation (collectively, the “Assumed Risks”). The Assumed Risks include, but are not limited to (i) all risks occurring or originating on or off the golf course, spectator areas, concession areas and entry/exit areas; (ii) all risks of being injured by or suffering loss from any golf clubs, golf balls, persons, animals, holes, slips or other hazards or distractions; and (iii) all risks associated with the negligence or misconduct of any kind of other golfers (the “Assumed Risks”). I further acknowledge that my participation at the Golf Course is voluntary.
  • I waive and release all claims of any kind, whether known or unknown, that may arise from the Assumed Risks against all entities and affiliates associated with Golf Course and Touchstone Golf LLC, together with all of their respective agents, employees, officers, directors, and owners, and any successors and/or assigns of any of the foregoing (collectively “Released Parties”), including, but not limited to any liability or responsibility for any loss of life, damage or injury to person(s), property or business, economic harm or other loss resulting from the Assumed Risks or otherwise from active negligence of any of the Released Parties, but excluding any losses for actual damages caused by the Released Parties’ willful misconduct or gross negligence.
  • Should I choose to rent a golf cart, I acknowledge and agree that the golf cart issued to me is in excellent condition and working order (unless otherwise noted) and I will pay for any and all damages that are sustained to or caused by the golf cart while in my possession. I further assume all risk of operating the golf cart and represent that I am familiar with its operation and use, that I can operate and control the same and will follow all cart operation rules, some of which are outlined below. I further agree to indemnify and hold the Released Parties free and harmless from any damage or claim of any nature whatsoever that may arise from or through the use of said golf cart.
  • In operating the golf cart, I agree to abide by safe driving guidelines, which include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • No more than two persons and golf bags may be allowed on cart at any time.  
    • Children under 18 years of age are not permitted the use of a cart at any time. 
    • Anyone operating a golf cart must have a valid driver license.
    • Maintain a firm grip on the steering wheel at all times.  Drive carefully.  Do not spin wheels.
    • Parking brake should be set before leaving cart.  
    • Passengers must be seated when cart is moving; arms and legs must not be hanging outside the passenger area.
    • No standing on the back bag-well or fenders at any time. 
    • No one may drive or ride in a golf cart unless they are physically capable of doing so safely, and they may not drive or ride in a golf cart while impaired.
    • The course reserves the right to refuse the use of this cart to any person not following these and any other rules without refunding fees.
  • I acknowledge and agree that I accept responsibility for and pay any and all damages or injuries caused by me to the Released Parties, including, but not limited to property, equipment, facilities or other golfers as a result of my actions or omissions.
To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and promote social distancing we are offering pre-paid tee times on our website. Even if you have paid online, you need to check-in at the Pro Shop and plan to show your receipt to the Starter. We appreciate your continued support during this difficult time for all. Stay safe and healthy. 


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